45 years ago today, Paul Terrell opened one of the world’s first retail computer stores — The Byte Shop — most famously known for ordering the first 50 computers from Apple in 1976. Today, the $2 trillion company makes everything from chips to headphones.

Apple announces $549 AirPods Max noise-canceling headphones, coming December 15th by Chris Welch

“Apple has brought over a number…

21 years ago today, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sued Napster for letting users download copyrighted music for free. Today, streaming has improved access to music while simultaneously restricting what music you can listen to and where.

Google adds Apple Music support to Assistant smart speakers and displays by Dan Seifert

“With Apple Music on board, the only major services left that…

25 years ago today, JavaScript was released. It really was a simpler time. Happy Friday!

Amazon Fire TV Adds Local News In 12 U.S. Cities, With 90 More Coming In 2021 by Dade Hayes

“The initial dozen stations are in New York, LA, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. The roster includes CBSN Chicago, ABC7/WABC-TV New York, KIRO7 Seattle, and News 12 New…

19 years ago today, inventor Dean Kamen unveiled the Segway on Good Morning America. Today, Good Morning America is talking about the future of movie theatres. Yes, I’m using Good Morning America as my segue.

Warner Bros. will release all of its new 2021 movies simultaneously on HBO Max by Julia Alexander

“There are some limitations to the new business model. The movies will only stream on…

29 years ago today, Apple released QuickTime version 1.0. Nearly three decades later and we’re talking about the ease with which over 1 billion Apple mobile devices could have been hacked.

This incredible exploit could have let hackers remotely own iPhones without even touching them by Sean Hollister

“Today, Google Project Zero security researcher Ian Beer has revealed that, until May, a variety of Apple iPhones and…

Today is #GivingTuesday. Please remember to do your research before you give. Or, make a point to give your time.

Salesforce acquires Slack for $27.7 billion by Paul Sawers

“Salesforce said that it plans to combine Slack with Salesforce Customer 360, a tool it first introduced back in 2018 that allows companies to connect Salesforce apps, map teams, and…

Cyber Monday is an annoying reminder that it’s Monday again. And that means the news has come roaring back.

DeepMind’s improved protein-folding prediction AI could accelerate drug discovery by Kyle Wiggers

“‘We have been stuck on this one problem — how do proteins fold up — for nearly 50 years,’ University of Maryland professor John Moult, cofounder and chair of CASP, told…

Today is Black Friday. Translation: Don’t spend your hard-earned money on things you weren’t going to buy anyway. If, however, you do buy something, make sure the discount is real.

‘Tokenized’: Inside Black Workers’ Struggles at the King of Crypto Start-Ups by Nathaniel Popper

“The 15 people worked at Coinbase, the most valuable U.S. cryptocurrency start-up, where they represented roughly three-quarters of the Black…

Happy U.S. Thanksgiving! If you want to sneak in some bad news and hope it lands softly, now is the time.

Microsoft productivity score feature criticised as workplace surveillance by Alex Hern

“The tools, first released in 2019, are designed to ‘provide you visibility into how your organisation works’, according to a Microsoft blogpost, and aggregate information about everything from email…

Oh, was it supposed to be a quiet week? News never sleeps.

Salesforce Is in Advanced Talks to Buy Slack Technologies by Cara Lombardo, Liz Hoffman, and Dana Cimilluca

“The companies could reach a deal within days — possibly by the time Salesforce reports its third-quarter financial results Tuesday, some of the people said. Slack, with a market value of more than $17 billion as of Wednesday…

Emil Protalinski

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